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STEP UP Challenge – Do You Qualify?

Have you ever looked at advanced telematics and concluded that it was too much for your situation?

Our most advanced telematics solution is now available for you to try at no additional cost for the first four months!

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Your fleet reporting

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Daily vehicle checks
Maintenance module

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Fuel efficiency


Fuel consumption
Fuel wastage
Fuel theft
Driver scoring

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Connected navigation
Schedule jobs
Optimised routes
Remote send orders
Communicate with drivers



How it works

Combine Webfleet with a PRO Driver Terminal or with Webfleet Work App and get all the valuable information you need about your orders and drivers.

Webfleet supports seamless communication with your team in the field and helps you to streamline your workflow management.

The net result? Happier customers and more jobs done.


Watch the videos to see how Webfleet can transform your fleet

Job Scheduler

  • Create jobs
  • Assign to a vehicle or leave unassigned
  • Scheduler allows drag and drop to assign orders
  • Scheduler calculates travel time and job time to provide an accurate view of the current day
  • See updated job status

Plan Schedule/Optimisation

  • Create orders
  • Schedule the orders
  • Decide start and finish location
  • see Optimisation potential
  • Send orders

Send Orders

  • Send an order from Webfleet
  • Driver accepts the Job/Order
  • This sends the driver to the exact location shown on the map

Receive & Navigate

  • Drivers receive Job/Order
  • Accepts the Job/Order
  • selects to navigate to destination
  • TomTom Professional Mapping navigates for the driver

Order Status

  • Drivers can update the status of the order
  • Status can be Accepted, Started, Arrived or Completed
  • Webfleet reflects the latest status update immediately


  • Driver accepts the Job/Order
  • Navigation is activated and calculates an ETA
  • ETA shown on Webfleet including traffic conditions

Work App Messaging

  • Send messages to one or all drivers
  • View if the messages have been read on the device
  • Drivers can then return the message or create a new one

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  • Job Scheduling
  • Optimising routes
  • Sending Orders
  • Vehicle checks
  • Advanced Camera Solutions

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