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FleetCheck for fleet managers


FleetCheck for fleet managers

We get it. You know exactly what needs to be done. But producing performance reports and making sure nothing gets missed can be time-consuming. With FleetCheck you’ll have everything you need at the click of a button.

All your vehicle and driver data in one place

FleetCheck makes it easy to manage vehicle and driver data in one place.

From servicing, MOT, road tax and driver licence details to eye sight checks, defect photographs, DVLA penalty points and driver training information.  And much, much more.

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FleetCheck - for fleet managers

Complete transparency

FleetCheck’s reporting dashboard gives instant access to key reporting data including (but not limited to):

  •   Monthly fuel and maintenance costs
  •   Accident by count and driver
  •   Vehicle defects by month
  •   Overdue tyre or safety checks
  •   Drivers due medical checks

Join up all your fleet information

You can link your FleetCheck account to a multitude of third-party systems, including:

  •   Fuel card
  •   Telematics
  •   Licence checking
  •   Vehicle leasing and finance information
  •   Incident management information

With over 250 data streams supported, it’s easy to connect all your information sources, resulting in a highly comprehensive, accurate view of your fleet.  Reporting becomes much more insightful, and you’ll save valuable time through a reduction in duplicated work.

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Do more with your fleet data

Connect your WEBFLEET data with FleetCheck to save time, reduce costs and achieve better compliance.

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Removing the hassle of paper vehicle inspections

Tired of chasing the paperwork associated with vehicle inspections, or driving between multiple sites to ensure checks are being done properly?

You can streamline your vehicle inspection process with FleetCheck Driver.  Our app enables drivers to submit safety checks and more, removing manual processes and improving efficiency.

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