Ensure the safety of passengers and drivers

Introducing the MANTIS 8 camera system backed up by our expert installation team to give you complete visibility of what’s happening onboard at any time.

Camera technology that you can trust

Multiple camera options are available to cover all vehicle angles, particularly in high-risk areas such as the driver ticket machine and stairwell.

If MANTIS senses a serious event, such as hard braking or cornering, the footage is automatically uploaded via true multi-network 4G using the strongest network available. There is no need to look through hours of footage to find what you need to act quickly.

PROVE what happened, PREVENT incidents, and PROTECT your drivers with 8-12 cameras in any configuration around the vehicle.

Passenger Safety

  • Auto-upload of harsh steering or braking events to ensure the vehicle is being driven safely and comfortably
  • Driver facing AI camera to detect distraction, mobile phone use or fatigue
  • Use video footage to enhance driver training to prevent incidents from happening
  • Passenger counter to ensure the vehicle is not overcrowded and prove how many were on board if an incident occurs.
  • Camera over luggage compartment to prevent theft
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Driver Safety

  • Cameras covering internal, driver and ticket machine areas to prevent theft or damage
  • Video evidence of unruly passengers or driver abuse/assault/vandalism that can be sent to police.
  • Panic button installed if the driver feels unsafe or needs to flag video to be reviewed.
  • Identify individuals who may be causing a distraction to the driver.

False Claims & Complaints

  • Prove incidents were non-fault
  • Protect against spurious insurance claims & prevent high pay-outs for multiple personal injury claims.
  • Cameras covering high-risk areas like stairwells and doorways to prove what happened if someone injures or claims to injure themselves
  • Provide evidence to investigate passenger complaints e.g. someone says the bus missed a stop.
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How connected cameras can be restricted which can lessen your user experience

Unrestricted access

• The best data connection with 4G multi-network sims. Auto roams onto the strongest network from any provider.
• Stream & review any footage directly from DVR without having to download it first
• Download as much footage as your what. No restriction on the length of the video.
• Auto alerts to any video loss or memory failure.
• MANTIS monitoring team on hand to help you access footage

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