Webfleet work app

The perfect companion for your mobile workforce

Digitise your workflow and boost efficiency the easy way with Webfleet Work App. Your drivers can effectively manage day-to-day tasks and access best-in-class navigation from one simple Android app.

Webfleet Work App helps you

Keep track of where your vehicles are in real time within Webfleet

Get an overview of recorded working hours, trips or work status

Know who is driving at any time and view their OptiDrive scores1

Send jobs and order instruc­tions straight from your office to Work App

Improve customer experience with precise ETAs2

Protect your data and your drivers’ privacy

Key features

Track and trace3

View the driving times, mileage and locations of your fleet in real time or over a chosen time period in Webfleet. You can track your vehicles with a LINK device. Altern­at­ively, Mobile Tracking (coming soon) is available via the driver’s mobile device.

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mobie tracking

Manage a flexible workforce smoothly with Mobile Tracking (coming soon)

Drivers can use Work App to assign themselves to available vehicles or you can assign a vehicle to a specific driver on a fixed basis. When personnel change, you can reuse existing subscrip­tions for new vehicles or drivers.

Seamless commu­nic­ation

Send jobs and order instruc­tions from your office directly to your driver’s mobile device. Your drivers will never miss an important update thanks to push notific­a­tions. Stay connected with two-way messaging, so you can react quickly to unexpected events.


Working time and trip modes

Record working hours and trips with a simple tap on the screen. Define the type of trip (business, commute or private) or work status (work, break or work finished).

Best-in-class navigation

Profes­sional navigation4 for all vehicle types (including trucks and EVs5) helps drivers choose the fastest routes with accurate ETAs.


Protect your drivers’ privacy

Drivers can change the trip mode from business to private with just one tap on their screen, allowing you to respect their privacy when a journey isn’t work-re­lated.


Webfleet Work App gives your drivers an efficient tool to communicate and manage their orders and working times

Work App Work App​ + Profes­sional Navigation
Track and trace in Webfleet
Driver regis­tration​
Working times and Logbook​
Order management​
Two-way messaging​
OptiDrive score*
Profes­sional vehicle/truck navigation​
LIVE traffic and speed cameras​​
Real-time ETA in Webfleet​

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