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PSV fleet solutions

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Webfleet PSV fleet solutions

Webfleet PSV fleet solutions gives you everything you need to run a secure, high quality service for your passengers. From controlling fuel costs to maintaining safe driving standards to proving your tachograph compliance, we help you handle many pressing challenges.

Why Webfleet

Ensure passengers arrive safe and on time

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Comply with regulations simply and quickly

Encourage safer driving

Want to ensure your passengers arrive safe and happy? Webfleet’s OptiDrive 360 gives you the data you need to identify where drivers can improve their performance.

The PRO Driver Terminal offers active driver feedback and advice on things like idling, speeding and harsh steering, coaching the driver to make adjustments. The net results? Your vehicles stay safe, your passengers stay happy and your business reputation stays high.

WEBFLEET HGV fleet solutions

Smoother workflow, better service

Information supports your drivers to do their jobs better. The PRO Driver Terminal offers dedicated large vehicle navigation to avoid trouble spots and reduce the chance of accidents. It also displays points of interest like coach parking spaces and drop-off points.

Back in the office, you have a clear overview of your vehicle locations. You send instructions straight to the Driver Terminal, which reads the message aloud – drivers don’t need to stop to check. All of this leaves your drivers free to concentrate on delivering a high-quality service to your passengers.

Do more with your fleet data

Connect your Webfleet data with FleetCheck to save time, reduce costs and achieve better compliance.


Best-in-class ETAs

Delays cost money. To help you provide more accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs), Webfleet utilises TomTom’s award-winning traffic information.

Professional navigation uses live traffic data and advanced algorithms to help your drivers avoid traffic. That means your customers are more likely to get where they’re going on time.


Everything you need to control cost

Webfleet helps to control your vehicles’ total cost of ownership in a number of ways. It identifies abnormal fuel usage and encourage more cost-effective driving habits (such as the use of cruise control).

Meanwhile, you get timely notifications when vehicle maintenance is required. That helps you to solve issues before they become problems that could cause downtime.

Everything you need to handle regulation

Webfleet gives you the support you need to handle many of your regulatory requirements. For example, if you must comply with EU driving hours regulation, Tachograph services allow you to remotely download, analyse and archive all the required data in one place, saving time and making inspections easier.

Webfleet can also automate working time registration.

WEBFLEET PSV fleet solutions

Plan and deliver a quality service

Webfleet gives you a range of tools to maintain a high level of service for your passengers.

For example, when planning a tour, you can easily optimise the timing of departure, passenger pickups, scheduled stops and arrival. Plus, you can quickly identify the best-suited driver if you need a replacement due to an unexpected incident mid-journey.

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