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FleetCheck for O licence holders


Fleet management for Operator licence holders

When HGV safety is your priority, spending hours or even days chasing paperwork can be a real pain.  With FleetCheck, all the information you need to manage your vehicles and drivers is accessible at the click of a button 24/7.

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Without FleetCheck, Krispy Kreme would spend many more hours allocating paperwork.  Instead, it runs as an efficient operator, leading the way as an example of excellent fleet and driver management.

As Krispy Kreme’s compliance and standards manager, Scott Austin, commented when joining the organisation, “It’s exactly what every business should have, I can’t praise it enough”.

Operator Licence management

Easily manage all your Operator Licence requirements including your active licences and their corresponding centres. Your vehicles can be assigned to each centre and FleetCheck proactively alerts you if vehicles have not been assigned or if the centre authorisation limit has been exceeded.

Benefits include:

  •   Proactive alerts covering all your renewal dates.
  •   Securely store documents, including your Operator Licence certificates.
  •   Easily record and manage your OCRS Scores.
  •   Record and report on your company card details.
  •   Manage everything by exception with clear reporting filtered by Licence.
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Do more with your fleet data

Connect your WEBFLEET data with FleetCheck to save time, reduce costs and achieve better compliance.

FleetCheck - for fleet managers

Integrated tachograph data

FleetCheck centralises all fleet information, including data from your third-party systems and suppliers. You can easily integrate your tachograph data via scheduled imports which automatically update key fields within your account.

This enables users to:

  •   Proactively manage driver card download activity with visual alerts highlighting drivers who haven’t downloaded their cards.
  •   Manage Vehicle Unit (VU) download activity by exception, generating alerts if the VU hasn’t been downloaded.
  •   Import and manage infringements, creating an incident within FleetCheck and allowing users to report on any repeat offences.

Join up all your fleet information

You can link your FleetCheck account to a multitude of third-party systems, including:

  •   Fuel card
  •   Telematics
  •   Licence checking
  •   Vehicle leasing and finance information
  •   Incident management information

With over 250 data streams supported, it’s easy to connect all your information sources, resulting in a highly comprehensive, accurate view of your fleet.  Reporting becomes much more insightful, and you’ll save valuable time through a reduction in duplicated work.

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FleetCheck for O licence holders

Simplify safety inspections (PMIs)

Vehicle and trailer inspection schedules can be easily created for each asset with a range of options available to automatically control how schedules are managed. FleetCheck proactively generates alerts and multiple reports can be scheduled to advise users and service providers on assets that require inspection.

Inspection documents can be automatically uploaded to the system and filed against the correct vehicle, reducing manual inputting. FleetCheck can report if there are any missing inspection documents and the inspection history is detailed with clear ‘plan to actual’ referencing.

Other areas included:

  •   Option to record adhoc inspections
  •   MOT pass rates
  •   Tyre management
  •   Additional brake test management

HGV defect management

FleetCheck Driver, makes reporting defects and “nil” defect reports easy, giving you control and total visibility of your HGV fleet.

You’ll receive reports detailing vehicles that haven’t been checked, vehicles that have moved without a check recorded, or drivers that haven’t completed a report.

Outstanding defects are easily identified and you can generate a work order to be sent via the software to a chosen service provider or internal workshop. Once the defect has been repaired, evidence can be uploaded and the defect marked as complete.

The fully auditable, joined up solution means that HGV operators have total peace of mind, clear visibility, reduced manual inputting and complete cost analysis all on one platform.


Become an industry leader

FleetCheck provides a DVSA and FORS compliant Operators’ Licence management module including PMI schedules, a driver pre-use check app, 12-month maintenance planner and many other compliance tools.


FleetCheck are certified for Earned Recognition. Their platform uniquely consolidates information received from multiple vehicle manufacturers, service providers and data suppliers. Maintenance KPI’s can be automatically sent to DVSA with prior notifications also being sent to the operator.


FleetCheck is the only platform to be selected by FORS to provide a completely robust platform where operators can store evidence for each of the FORS accreditation elements. FORS audits can be completed with ease and all requirements are managed directly from the software.

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