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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS)

Webfleet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) checks your tyre pressure and temperature in real-time. With predictive tyre management, problems are detected before they lead to costly repairs or downtime. Whatever you’re trans­porting – passengers or cargo – TPMS helps you ensure you get to your destination safely and on time.

Do you know?​

Poor tyre pressure management can negatively impact your finances and safety in numerous ways​​


of commercial tyres on the road are signi­fic­antly under­in­flated​


+increase in fuel consumption can be caused when a tyre is under­-in­flated by 20%*


of tyre related breakdown are the result of slow leaks

Webfleet for TMPS helps you

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​Detect issues before repairs or downtime are needed​

Reduce breakdowns and service disruption

Enhance road safety​

​Save fuel

Optimise tyre mileage

​Increase sustain­ab­ility​

How Webfleet TPMS works​

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Key Features

Live view of your tyres

See all your TPMS-equipped vehicles and trailers with latest tyres status1. Each vehicle or trailer tyre with an issue is colour-coded to indicate severity of issue. A clear text description explains the issue.​

Tyre Pressure Monitoring
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Real time notific­a­tions​

Receive a notific­ation immediately when an abnormal tyre pressure or temperature issue is detected. Drivers can also choose to be notified when there’s a critical issue

Identify slow leaks

90% of tyre related breakdowns are caused by slow leaks. Webfleet TPMS helps you spot slow pressure leaks before a driver possibly could. This reduces the risk of developing dangerously low pressure levels.​

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Easy sensor management

Webfleet TPMS sensors are designed for simplified install­ation, saving hours during the install­ation and replacement process.

Meanwhile, maintenance tasks are automat­ically generated for low sensor battery and missing sensors.​

Trailer support​

If both truck and trailer are equipped with TPMS, you get the last known position of the trailer and which truck the trailer is connected to.​

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TPMS Tools app​

The dedicated Webfleet TPMS Tools app is designed to be used in your workshop or by your tyre dealer, simplifying the maintenance of the TPMS system.

More vehicle data

Webfleet TPMS is used in combination with a vehicle tracking device. You receive all the vehicle data you need, including location, odometer and more, on one interface

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Advanced Tyre Technology: What does it mean for your fleet?

Our latest eBook deep dives into the new solutions, designs and materials optimising tyre performance and the potential impact on the sustain­ab­ility, safety and cost effect­iveness of your fleet.

Return on investment in six to nine months

Want to prevent tyre incidents happening, keep your vehicles and drivers safe, reduce the costs and time spent on manual tyre inspections?

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