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Passenger cars

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Webfleet for passenger cars

Webfleet provides you all the tools your business needs to improve the operational fleet performance of passenger cars. Make sure that your passenger cars are well maintained and empower your drivers to drive more efficient and safely by using our award-winning technology around Webfleet.

Fast installation and quick results

Webfleet for passenger cars can be rapidly used with any of your passenger cars. If you want to scale up Webfleet can be swiftly deployed across your entire fleet. This allows you to see the impact of Webfleet immediately in your dashboard and reports.

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Reliable mileage registration

Simple and accurate mileage registration saves you and your drivers a lot of administration. Your drivers can log business and private mileage easily with a PRO Driver Terminal or with their mobile devices using the app Webfleet Logbook. It helps making mileage reimbursement hassle-free for your drivers and helps with tax declaration.

Do more with your fleet data

Connect your Webfleet data with FleetCheck to save time, reduce costs and achieve better compliance.


TomTom Traffic

With TomTom Traffic, your drivers will always know the fastest way to your customers meaning you’ll avoid unnecessary fines and adverse impact on revenue. TomTom Traffic gets your drivers faster and safe to their next destinations.

WEBFLEET for passenger cars
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Make driving safer

OptiDrive 360 provides you and your drivers real-time feedback on driving behaviour, helping your people to drive more safely and more economically.

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