Manage all your vehicle and driver information in one place

With FleetCheck, you can manage all your vehicle and driver information in one place. Never miss an MOT, service, licence check or vehicle safety inspection again.


Built for business: designed to be flexible

Whether you’re a start-up or a national corporation, FleetCheck’s software will enable your business to handle your fleet tasks efficiently.

The FleetCheck product suite has been designed to meet the demands of your business, from a driver’s walk around app to vehicle maintenance, licence checking to in vehicle awareness training.

How FleetCheck has helped…

By being intuitive with a highly flexible user interface, FleetCheck consistently fits the requirements of anyone responsible for the management of the fleet.

Find out how FleetCheck has been designed from the ground up to allow fleets of any size and vehicle mix to be managed efficiently.

Whoever you are, FleetCheck can help

How do you manage your fleet?

Managing fleet isn’t my main role

  •   Been handed the job of managing company vehicles and drivers?
  •   Overwhelmed with spreadsheets and paperwork?
  •   Missed an MOT or licence check?

I’m a fleet or transport manager

  •   Need vehicle and driver information in one place?
  •   Valuable time being spent on inefficient processes?
  •   Concerned about compliance?

The business holds an O Licence

  •   Important fleet data stored across multiple spreadsheets?
  •   Worried something might slip through the net?
  •   Taking part in Earned Recognition?

Manage all your vehicle and driver information in one place

FleetCheck makes it easy to manage vehicle and driver data in one place.

Alerts for upcoming events, MOT, road tax and driver licence details to eye sight checks, defect photographs, DVLA penalty points and driver training information.  And much, much more.

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Remove the hassle of paper vehicle inspections

Tired of chasing the paperwork associated with vehicle inspections, or driving between multiple sites to ensure checks are being done properly?

You can streamline your vehicle inspection process with FleetCheck Driver.  Our app enables drivers to submit safety checks and more, removing manual processes and improving efficiency.

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