Are you DVS compliant?

The Direct Vision Standard has been designed to make the streets of London safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Are you DVS compliant?

Why DVS?

Enforcement of The Standard came into effect in March 2021 and affects ALL 12 tonne and above vehicles that enter London, with a £550 per day fine for non-compliance. It is something that companies have to take very seriously.

Are you DVS ready
£550 per day fine

Don’t be caught out

DVS isn’t about ticking a box it’s about making the road safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Take this opportunity to invest in a camera system that will benefit your business into the future.

Vehicle incidents can have a spiralling effect on costs if they are not managed quickly and to the best possible outcome for your company. To achieve this you need fast and reliable access to the Evidence.


Keep your drivers and public safe

MANTIS is the Market Leader in Vehicle CCTV Solutions for fleets of all sizes. With experienced and industry leading Engineering and Technical teams, MANTIS Support will help the smooth running of your business.

The perfect DVS solution for any fleet type


Always know your cameras are recording with auto alerts to any loss of video or memory failure.

Remotely access to vehicle footage via true 4G multi-network downloads.

Fully connected

Fully connected to provide a highly reliable vehicle CCTV solution.

No manual firmware uploads or DVR re-formatting required.

Webfleet integrated

Fully integrated into Webfleet Solutions.

View live of all cameras accessed directly within Webfleet.


Automatically uploads footage of driving events to the cloud.

Improve driver training with Evidence Centre footage linked to Webfleet Solutions telematics data.

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