By deploying Mantis camera solutions you can increase safety, minimize risk and reduce insurance premiums.

Are you DVS compliant?

The Direct Vision Standard came into force on March 1st 2021.

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ETB Autocentres have 44 retail sites, and 7 warehouses running a total fleet of 164 Vehicles. David Isles Operations Director was concerned with the annual increases in insurance premiums.

AES Fleet recommended installing MANTIS camera systems in their vehicles. This has reduced the accident rate by up to 40% and in turn, saved £30,000 per year.


Keep your drivers and public safe

MANTIS is the Market Leader in Vehicle CCTV Solutions for fleets of all sizes. With experienced and industry leading Engineering and Technical teams, MANTIS Support will help the smooth running of your business.

Reduce the risk of non-fault claims

MANTIS helps to prove non-fault claims using Evidence Centre, If MANTIS sense a serious event such as harsh breaking or severe cornering, footage is automatically uploaded to Evidence Centre and stored in the cloud. Helping you to see what really happened.

Mantis camera solutions
fleet management solutions

Works with industry providers

MANTIS is FORS compliant and is fully integrated into WEBFLEET Telematics, giving you the ability to rank your drivers based on driving behaviour and alert you to any potential risks. Once you profile your drivers, you can show them any near misses, this can then become part of your driver training process.

The latest technologies

Already this year the MANTIS solutions has helped hundreds of companies mitigate their risk against insurance costs and keeping their drivers safer on the road. MANTIS has an extensive range of solutions which are tailored to fit around your specific fleet needs, no matter the size.

The perfect solution for any fleet type

Front cameras

Windscreen mounted to prevent movement or obstruction.

Near / Off side cameras

Anti-vibration; vandal resistant side view cameras.

Internal cameras

Special wide angle lens designed for Buses and Coaches.

Reverse Cam

Can be installed to rigid trucks, articulated lorries or at the rear of a trailer.

In-cab monitor

To assists the driver when manoeuvring to prevent accidents and keep passengers safe.

MANTIS driver alert monitor

To feed live notifications back to your Fleet manager.

Dome cameras

Monitoring safety of passengers inside a Bus or Coach

Passenger counter

Uses AI to see passenger numbers in live time.

Blind spot cameras

To detect Pedestrian’s and Cyclists and then alert the driver.

8 key questions to ask connected cameras suppliers

Finding the right camera solution for your business can seem daunting. Download our FREE guide to find out what questions to ask to make sure you get the  product that will give you the best performance.

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