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LCV fleet solutions

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Webfleet LCV fleet solutions

Managing your fleet’s operation has never been easier. Webfleet LCV fleet solutions will provide you with the most complete fleet management solution for your LCV’s to improve your service level and increase your drivers’ safety.

Become more agile

Webfleet allows businesses with LCV’s to be more dynamic and flexible. Send the right person to the next job based on the shortest travel time. It keeps your workforce out of traffic and makes sure your technicians arrive on time. You can even optimise your planning by incorporating historically proven travel times. What’s more, your customers can be informed of an accurate estimated time of arrival.

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Prove service levels

It is important to prove your timeliness and quality. With Webfleet you can provide transparency to your clients and provide reports about time on site, arrival times, prove of delivery and much more.

Do more with your fleet data

Connect your Webfleet data with FleetCheck to save time, reduce costs and achieve better compliance.


Easily built in, vehicle-centric

Webfleet for LCV’s can be rapidly installed into any commercial vehicle. If you want to upscale, Webfleet can be swiftly deployed across your entire fleet. Deployment is managed by certified installers to minimise vehicle downtime.

WEBFLEET LCV fleet solutions
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Save on fuel and improve driving behaviour

OptiDrive 360 provides you and your drivers real-time feedback on driving behaviour, helping your technicians to drive more safely and more economically. And, with real-time digital trouble codes, you will know if something is wrong with a vehicle, even when you are in the office – enabling you to act quickly to prevent dangerous situations or plan maintenance.

Extend functionality

With Webfleet for LCV’s it is easy to extend functionality. Connect to a PRO Driver Terminal for easy navigation and communication with your back office. Allow 3rd party hardware to connect via Bluetooth to capture additional data from in and around the vehicle with LINK.connect, such as temperature sensors, tyre pressure, barcode scanning, RFID. And by adding the LINK 105 you can add eco functionality.

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