Connected Cameras for the Waste Industry

Connected Cameras for the Waste Industry

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Waste vehicles work in close proximity areas such as cities and residential areas where you are more likely to get knocks, bumps or other incidents. Areas like customer premises or out on the road are live environments where things can happen and escalate quickly.

Connected cameras not only identify when the driver may be at fault so the appropriate action can be taken but also provide evidence to refute any spurious claims.






Large company branded vehicles are highly visible and easy to remember so are often the first to blame where damage to a 3rd party’s vehicle or property has occurred. Even without having witnessed the event people jump to conclusions simply by the vehicle being spotted in the area.

They are also targeted by individuals deliberately looking to make a fraudulent claim. These individuals are well versed in insurance processes and can be difficult to challenge when no clear-cut evidence is available.

Connected multi-cameras enable the operator to analyse the data to determine:

  • Was the vehicle there or not?
  • What happened?
  • What was the cause of the incident?

Video evidence can quickly to presented back to insurance companies to mitigate any claims that could otherwise have cost money and increased premiums.



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Customers are required to make their waste accessible to your company to collect and safely. A claim can be made that a collection wasn’t completed resulting in another off-schedule collection being booked which costs time & money.

This can also cause reputational damage to your business in the form of negative reviews or feedback about your service. Connected cameras allow you to remotely review the collection to determine if the customer has made the waste available. This can be downloaded and sent to the customer to refute the claim.




The way the vehicle is driven not only provides an early warning about higher-risk drivers but also impacts the maintenance and repair costs.

Outcomes of poor driving style:

  • Increase wear & tear on brake pads and tyres
  • Indicate the driver is not paying full attention
  • Identify drivers who may need additional training

Connect cameras will auto-upload footage of heavy braking or steering events to allow quick analysis to understand the cause so appropriate action can be taken. This is a crucial step in preventing accidents from happening.



Drivers may be tempted to take an off the book job and illegally tip waste or unload in an unsafe location which could cause your business to be fined. Connected cameras linked to the vehicle PTO can detect when waste is being tipped or unloaded and send a video clip automatically to the cloud. This provides video evidence that can be reviewed to see exactly where each load was dropped.



RiverRidge Vehicle

River Ridge, Northern Ireland’s most innovative waste recovery operation with over 250 employees and 150commercial vehicles. The company, which boasts some of the highest ISO safety standards in the sector, but all too often a large vehicle is blamed for an incident when not at fault; and the impact on insurance can be substantial. Their previous camera system was very basic, not integrated, and outdated. “We needed a fully connected vehicle camera and telematics solution that was both robust and easy to use,”

Tony Kirkpatrick, Transport and Logistics Director, RiverRidge.

The MANTIS Live DVR is equipped with a 4G true multi-network SIM to provide the best connectivity available, ensuring vehicle cameras can be viewed live when needed. The Mantis Evidence Centre has built-in crash detection and automatically uploads footage to the cloud and the MANTIS Live Smart Phone App.

The solution is helping to drive down insurance costs for RiverRidge. “All too often a large vehicle is blamed for an incident when the driver is not actually at fault – and the impact on insurance premiums can be substantial. With MANTIS connected camera coverage now in place, RiverRidge and their drivers now have irrefutable evidence to safeguard them in the case of non-fault incidents.”

Harry Girvan, Director of MANTIS Live.

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