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Being a Kevin can be a drag, for both your business and drivers…

The great news is that you could easily become a Kay.
Our van solution has evolved to give businesses operating vans the competitive edge they desire. In the world of digitisation, our solution is focused on satisfying increasing customer demands, while also helping you to cut operational costs and improve driver safety standards. Read on to discover more.

Our van solution helps you to

Improve cash flow with faster invoicing

Go paperless, both reducing administration and improving COVID safety standards

Reduce insurance costs with camera evidence

Complete more daily jobs with efficient workflow planning and order management

Respond to customer enquiries more quickly and in real-time

Reduce driver stress and look after wellbeing

Streamline your day with

Digital job and workflow management

The paperless revolution is here. Our cutting-edge digital offering allows your business to free up cash with faster invoicing. Improve billable time by boosting order productivity and workforce effectiveness.

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Efficient job planning

Plan and schedule your jobs easier and faster. Identify the best driver for each order using our smart scheduling. Dispatch with job and vehicle status, while factoring in award-winning TomTom  traffic information.

Advanced telematics and camera integration

Powered by Europe’s number one telematics platform WEBFLEET, offering best-in-class data accuracy and performance reporting of your vans and drivers. Optional MANTIS Live camera integration reduces time spent disputing non-fault claims and insurance premiums.

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Flagship premium tablet devices

Our ruggedised devices are optimised for both in-vehicle and outdoor usage. Powered by Android and supporting important standards for the integration of Driver ID, NFC tags, wireless file transfers, two-way communication and much more. Optional commercial grade navigation & traffic information from TomTom allows your drivers to see the fastest routes and inform customers of accurate ETAs.

Working time reporting

Keep a track of your employees’ working hours with time management reporting, helping you to stay compliant and meet local legislation requirements.

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Pre-journey vehicle checks

Our partnership and software integration with FleetCheck allows you to manage all your vehicle and driver information in one place. Never miss an MOT, service, licence check, or vehicle safety inspection again.

Improved driver safety standards

The WEBFLEET driver scoring system helps you to instil a culture of safer driving with targeted training. Optional live in-cab driver feedback can actively train personnel while out on the road.

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The WEBFLEET ecosystem

Connected by the WEBFLEET telematics service platform, integration with carefully selected partner software and hardware delivers the ultimate technology-driven solution for your vans.

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In this short guide, we aim to cut through the jargon to highlight how the latest ‘connected van’ technologies can help heal the four most common pain points for small to medium businesses operating vans.

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  • Improve cash flow with faster invoicing
  • Reduce insurance costs with camera evidence
  • Respond to customer enquiries faster and with better visibility
  • Go paperless reducing administration time and improving COVID safety standards
  • Look after driver wellbeing with data driven fleet insights

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