Fleet Solutions for Passenger Transport Companies

Class-leading fleet management solutions for coach and bus operators

What can AES do for your passenger or public fleet?

Our range of solutions will give you the tools you need to run a reliable, safe and efficient public transport service, whether you use buses or other passenger transport vehicles.

From controlling fuel costs to maintaining safe driving standards to proving your tachograph compliance, we help you handle many pressing challenges whilst also helping your drivers to stay safe behind the wheel.

Key benefits include:

Ensure passengers arrive safe and on time

Digitised vehicle checks to plan, carry out, communicate and record all forms of essential safety checks

Control fuel and maintenance costs

Digital tachograph compliance to keep track of your regulation deadlines

Comply with public transport regulations simply and quickly

Premium multi-camera solution to empower drivers and maximise staff safety

Streamline your day with

Coach manager Booking management software for coach operators

Coach Manager is a start to finish solution for the management of private hire and contract work specially designed for coach, minibus, chauffeur and community transport operators. The system is in daily use with over 1,650 operators and has handled over 120 million journeys.

The software offers secure handling of bookings, easy and efficient allocation of vehicles and drivers, client confirmations, driver work tickets, invoicing and a built-in sales ledger with extensive financial reporting facilities and an optional link to Sage 50.

Aggregates Fleet Solutions
Mantis coach

MANTIS connected cameras for passenger transport

The most unrestricted access to your video for the passenger transport industry. PROVE what happened, PREVENT incidents, and PROTECT your drivers with 8-12 cameras in any configuration around the vehicle.

Enjoy better management of:

  • Passenger Safety
  • Driver Safety
  • False Claims & Complaints

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager / TachoShare

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager is the reliable all-in-one solution to download, analyse and archive your tachograph data. Compliance simplified at every step.

Prefer to keep your existing analysis provider? WEBFLEET TachoShare remotely downloads and archives tachograph data. Then this can be imported to your 3rd party analysis software.

Tacho manager

FleetCheck Driver

Designed to fully streamline the vehicle inspection process and remove the need for manual paper trails. FleetCheck Driver can run from any smartphone, tablet or WEBFLEET PRO driver terminals and gives drivers the facility to submit fit to drive declarations, input fuel purchases, record incidents and more.

WEBFLEET advanced telematics

Market-leading, innovative software as a Service (SaaS) fleet management software. WEBFLEET gives you secure access to all the information you need to manage your fleet operation in the most effective way.

WF dashboard

5 Challenges for the Bus and Coach industry and how to solve them

Companies like yours are using automation and digit­isation to cut costs, ensure compliance and boost performance. Find out how.

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